A poem for Antakya

There is food and there is sea There are places you should see History is in our genes Even though we now have jeans Mosaics across the way With stories to take away Religions are here for long And they still can get along With lots of peace and joy So everybody can enjoy What […]

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One day in Antakya and surroundings

1 day in Antakya An usual day as a tourist in Turkey and especially in Antakyashould definitely start with a healthy and diverse breakfast. This is how our first day started in one of our trips there. We woke up relaxed and went to have breakfast in an outdoor restaurant, 15 min away from Antakya, […]

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From thought to reality.

Due to a very courageous friend, we got an invitation of visiting Antakya, the capital city of Hatay region in South East Turkey. By then we visited most of Europe, some part of Asia and USA and we thought it will be a good opportunity to also go to a non-touristic city. We went without […]

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