World’s mosaic capitals

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  • 16-21 May (1250 euro)
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A historical experience with untold stories: Antakya – Gaziantep


Delight yourself with UNESCO recognized dishes in Antakya and Gaziantep
Discover the impressive history left behind since 5000 BC
Enjoy quality time in the 2 world largest mosaic museums
Step in St. Peter Church which is traditionally considered to be the place where he first preached about Christianity.
Enjoy a tea with locals in the single Armenian village left in Turkey – Vakifli


Day 1

After your pick up from the airport we will get to know each other a little with a Turkish tea or coffee. Then we will start our journey with a short walk into Antakya Old City Center followed by a dinner in a very natural environment, in the middle of Dafne waterfalls.

Day 2

After breakfast our history journey begins in Hatay Archeology Museum well known for the impressive collection of mosaics dating from Roman Empire and for the Hittites artifacts found in the area. With the latest discoveries this museum received the title of world largest mosaic museum leaving Zeugma Museum on the second place.

St Peter Church will be hosting us next just few minutes away from the museum.
The next delight of the day will be a traditional lunch and a delicious traditional desert, haytali, followed by a visit of Habibbi Neccar Mosque – first Mosque in Anatolia.
On the way back to our hotel we will walk the first lighted street with gas in the world but not without checking also Antakya Bazar.

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Day 3

Today we will continue our historical story with a visit of St Simeon Church for breathtaking landscapes and impressive ruins of this old church. Vafliki village, the single Armenian village left in Turkey will host us for lunch and also tasty shopping as here the main activity for the locals is producing home made goods (jams, liquors, wine etc).
After a good lunch and a Turkish coffee we are heading to Vespasianus Titus Tunnel, build in the first century during Vespasian, Titus and Antoninus Pius ages, a tunnel that can deviate water even nowadays due to its well preservation.
Dinner will be accommodated near the sea in Samadag.

Day 4

All set to discover more we will leave to Gaziantep where we will first meet their gastronomy with a lunch in one of the oldest restaurants in Gaziantep. Hoping we just made you curious about Gaziantep’s gastronomy we are going to visit Gaziantep Gastronomy Museum. For the rest of the day we will get lost on streets, have coffee with locals and enjoy a relaxing evening.

Day 5

Today is a day about history and culture as we will spend 5 hours walking and listening, seeing and wondering through Gaziantep’s Zeugma Museum, Elmaci Bazaar and Gaziantep Castle.
Dinner will take place back in Antakya.

Day 6

This is a day of sharing stories, impressions and have a last coffee together before airport transfer. Accordingly to your flight schedule maybe we will have some time also for a short shopping session

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Important Information

Price Includes:

  • 5 nights accommodation
  • All meals; 5 breakfasts, 4 lunches, 5 dinners
  • Expert guide – English speaker
  • Local transportation with private car
  • All touristic entrances
  • Transfer from and to the airport
  • Local assistance – English and Turkish speaker

Price Excludes:

  • Flight to Hatay
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Medical insurance


  • Even though prices don’t include flights and medical insurance we can offer you a full package based on request.
  • All groups will have max 6 tourists as our purpose is to make you better understand this culture, we want you to speak up and ask questions and last we want you to have the experience of your life in Turkey.

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2 Reviews

5 Excellent
  1. This is the trip i was dreaming abut for @2 years. I planned and i planned for about 6 months until i found that #turkisculturaltrips offers everything i wanted and more in an organized tour. So i’ve joined the 6 days tour and it was the best decision ever: the history, the food and all the experiences offered by our guide were amazing! Also I’ ve made a lot of friends 😀 Now i’m already planning my second trip with this beautiful team this summer and for sure it will not be my last!

  2. I came across TurkishCulturalTrips at the recommendation of a friend who kept talking of his experience in Turkey and decided to give it a go.
    Turned out to be a really great experience.
    For me, being more of a traveler who loves to explore new places and find out their history, I was astonished when I visited their museums and found all the different major civilizations who made a mark in this part of the old Byzantine Empire plus the very well preserved mosaics. We also had a lovely guide who knew her way pretty well around the cities and did some great recommendations there.
    Another thing that impressed me was the local food. It was quite extraordinary with all those oriental spices and also the sweets.
    Other then that, i am thinking of returning next year for another vacation.
    Keep up the great job!

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