Hotel selection

Our purpose is to offer you the best memories from Turkey, to feel relaxed and comfortable and to enjoy your Turkish experience at its best.
This is why our hotel selection is done based on coziness, comfort, traditional style, authentic experience and verified conditions.


Depending the availability and size of the group all hotels chosen in Antakya are just in the city center, having all major touristic objectives nearby and best conditions.

Luwi Antakya Boutique Hotel – unique thematic rooms inspired by the history of Antioch will make your stay in Antakya even more authentic. The hotel is situated on the first gas lighted street in the world, just across the old city center.

WaxWing Hotel Antakya – modern, cozy and comfortable hotel just in the middle of the old streets of Antakya.
Cankaya Konaklari Hotel – set in a historic building, on the first gas lighted street in the world, this hotel will make your stay here memorable.


The hotels selected are following the traditional architecture, offering stunning views and sunrises.
Elegance Cave Suites – great ambiance, nice stuff and perfect views will be enjoying you in this hotel.
Cappadocia Cave Rooms – panoramic view of Cappadocia and the fairy chimneys, centrally located with delicious traditional Turkish food.
Arif Cave Hotel – unique cave rooms, wonderful terrace for cozy evenings and helpful staff are few of the things we can say about this hotel.


Home of baklava, with a huge history behind, Gaziantep will enjoy us with traditional style hotels to make you feel a real Turkish experience. 
Anadolu Evleri Han – historical stone building just in the city of Gaziantep, excellent breakfast, amazing atmosphere. 
Asude Konak – beautiful classic hotel, with wonderful wooden interior design will make you feel like a real princess or prince. 

Ali Bey Konak – located in a peaceful stone building, this hotel will offer us relaxing nights in the interior garden and quite nights to rest and dream about the surroundings.

In case of peak season, similar hotels might be choosen considering the same criterias as the presented ones.