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From thought to reality.

Due to a very courageous friend, we got an invitation of visiting Antakya, the capital city of Hatay region in South East Turkey. By then we visited most of Europe, some part of Asia and USA and we thought it will be a good opportunity to also go to a non-touristic city.

We went without big expectations, especially with the big refugee’s crisis and the war from Syria.

Within 1 and a half hour by flight from Istanbul we arrived in a September afternoon in Antakya. The road from the airport to the city looked alike Morocco without all scooters and noise.

First meet with the culture was just in the beautiful city center of Antakya, where we had some of the best dishes ever, having a different taste from the Istanbul cuisine, more diverse and tasty.

The following 3 days we had amazing experiences at the sea side in Samadag, visiting Hatay Archeological museum, discovering St Pieter Church and continuing to be amazed by the so many different dishes we had. Worth to mention that we didn’t felt unsafe at all; people were having a relaxed and usual life not being impacted by the war happening in Syria.

While being there we thought how Antakya fits as a touristic destination but coming back to Bucharest we got again into the world of daily business, traffic jams, long days in the office, excels, personal problems and so on.

In 2018, we received again an invitation to Antakya and we happily accepted it. This time everything seemed even more amazing that in 2015. We got the change to stay more, interact more with locals, visit more the surroundings and hear historical stories told by locals.

So, what did impress us for the second time? One of the biggest discoveries was that in this world there are still relaxed people, for which is more important to spend time with family and friends that earning more and more and living in an office. Then the feeling of spending time in nature, eating food produced locally, visiting some impressive archeological sites brought back the idea of promoting Antakya as a touristic destination.

Then because we also had the change to visit Cappadocia and Gaziantep, other cities that we believe could be as popular as Rome or London we decided to start working to this project.

It took us few months but we as is never too late to try something new we are all set now to show to you all the jewelries we discovered few time ago.

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