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First thoughts from Gaziantep

As we started Turkish Cultural Trips as a project that promotes less popular but wonderful destinations in Turkey we thought also Gaziantep should be on the map.

Located at around 3 hours driving from Antakya, Gaziantep is well known for gastronomy, for all pistachio based sweets, handmade copper manufacturing but also because of its reach and long history.

And so we left one morning Antakya for 1 day trip in Gaziantep. The 3 hours are nothing if you take it on the national road as the landscapes are just amazing.

First stop was at Zeugma Mosaic Museum, the second largest mosaic museum in the world where we spent 2 hours discovering the stories behind the old history of Gaziantep.

Interesting to see that so close all the details of the mosaics and also to imagine how people were living some centuries ago. The most known piece is the Gypsy Girl that will look after you during your walk in the room where it is displayed.

After so much history a Turkish coffee break was what we needed, just at the exit from the museum.

Being almost lunch hours we went in the city center to see if we are lucky enough to have lunch in the famous İmam Çağdaş Kebap ve Baklava Salonu.  Still, the line that was already formed outside made us try another place nearby where we had a delicious beyran soup, pilaf and well done lamb. For desert we changed the location to enjoy a wide range of baklava and katmer.

With the thought of visiting Gaziantep Castle we stopped at a very beautiful han to have one more coffee and enjoy a live concert.

Gaziantep castle offers you a beautiful view over the city and also a beautiful architecture.

Just before leaving we had a small round if shopping in the bazaar for some spices and pistachio and so we ended 1 day in Gaziantep with the promise of going back to visit more and enjoy more of the city vibe.

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