Şanlıurfa, Gobekli Tepe, Harran

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All our trips are based on discovering history from the most ancients times and this is why another destination choosen is Şanlıurfa and its surroundings: Gobekli Tepe, Harran and the old city of Halfeti.

Şanlıurfa or the old city of Urfa dates from the 4th century BC but considering the cities around it may date back to 9000 BC.  This city is considered to be the hometown of Abraham so it is considered an important city for Islam, Christianity but also for Jewish religion.

If you want to discover history in an interactive way, for sure Şanlıurfa Museum will offer an unique experience. In the 34,000 square meters you will discover from Paleolithic Age artifacts to a replica of Gobekli Tepe temples and lots of animations from the oldest times.

Another city to mention is for sure the old city of Harran, an ancient city dating from Bronze Age. Excepting the interesting mix of old and new in the city the most interesting part are the mud houses which are built only by mood and without a wood structure. This is where we will understand more about how our ancestors were living.

Last but not least, the ancient discovery that is questioning everything we know about spirituality and the beginnings of civilizations is Gobekli Tepe. We are also going to visit the archaeological site to understand more about this discovery and also to ask questions so we can better understand the history.

To close in a relaxing touch, our days in Şanlıurfa will close with the old city of Halfeti, across theȘa Euphrates river, for a boat ride and a more deep understanding of the culture in this part of Turkey.


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