About us

Passionate travelers always looking to offer unique travel experiences to their tourist.

When looking behind, we realize that 10 years ago we thought that traveling and helping people to travel and explore more is what really makes us feel happy and free.

So this is how it started in 2009, people with different backgrounds decided to leave normal jobs and start an adventure in this world and not only….as we want to even travel the galaxy with our Galaxy World travel agency.
From the beginning it was and it continues to be an adventure as we really want our tourists to be more than happy with their holidays.

We want our tourists to explore the world, to discover new cultures, to spiritually develop themselves and come back with stories and impressions, to inspire us and our business so we can come also come with holiday ideas just as they are dreaming about.

Tourism is in constant change nowadays and there are no more value barriers to visit the continent were you are born or even world’s iconic cities as New York, Bangkok, Miami, Milan, Paris.
Because we are constantly looking to improve ourselves we are also looking for change…and this change come during the years with different projects and ideas for our tourists, from team building in Cancun, Mexico to exclusivity of selling packages in Ischia, Italy for Romania.

Now, our next challenge is to make our tourists get to know the authentic Turkey. The ancient, historic Turkey and all the elements that were left behind by history: culture, gastronomy, customs, nature.

We want you to discover new places of which you can’t read on internet, another face of an Islamic country which is not often shown on media, a part of the world where family is still a thing, where eating together is a joy not only for holidays, where nights spent with friends or families are longer even though you need to go to work, where nature is still providing tasty food and of course where history left behind a lot of stories and wonderful places to be seen.