About our thematic trips

Because we all live in busy lives we think it is very important to experience more when going to a vacation, to feel the destination, to enjoy nature, tasty dishes, untold stories to discover new cultures and become a richer person with all the things you have experienced. 

Why do we remember some places more than others? What do we remember about the places you have seen?
Apart from the good company, in some places we have more intensive cultural experience, more connect with locals and with their lives, and we understand better their life style.
Then for sure we have some yummy dishes to remember in very relaxing places that will always be in our memory.

After this small introduction we hope you are more curious about our holiday thematic experiences.

Cultural Tours
Why do we need to know history when google has all the answers? Why should we visit some old rocks instead of a high tech city?
You know for sure the answers, Google will never tell you what a local will, the vibe of a country or of a historical place is not described by Google as would be by you. Sky towers are impressive this days but for sure they won’t replace the experience of visiting a 2000 years old site.
And this is behind our cultural tours: history and nature, stories and facts, spirituality and tolerance so you can become more open to the world and to other cultures.
We will spend quality time visiting archaeological sites, understand how was before our times, visualize the battles, imagine how were people living thousands of years behind.
All the stunning ruins left behind will make us wonder how they built such things without cars and modern technologies, how come that there are so many artifacts in such a good shape.
Local guides and hosts will always have the best stories so we will meet them for stories and guidance, for inclusion and understanding.

Foodie Tours
There is no life without food since the beginning of the world. Plants need water and sun or even meat, animals need meat or vegetables and humans need both of them for living.
This is why we do believe that food is an important element of our live.
Even more, eating is a custom that gathers friends and families together, there are love stories starting with a dinner and last but not least food can perfectly describe every civilization in the world.
Each country has his own specific, each part of a country has a unique gastronomic element and of course Turkey is well known for its gastronomy.

We will discover more about Turkish easting culture, what influences you can find in Turkish, what is specific for the chosen areas. And not only that….you will taste the most delicious plates we ever tried and even take cooking classes to see if you can be better than an old lady that was doing this for ages.
The 2 main foodie destinations we have prepared, Hatay and Gaziantep, are also UNESCO recognized for their creativity gained through ages from all civilization that passed by.

Recommended cultural experiences