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A poem for Antakya

There is food and there is sea
There are places you should see
History is in our genes
Even though we now have jeans

Mosaics across the way
With stories to take away
Religions are here for long
And they still can get along
With lots of peace and joy
So everybody can enjoy
What was left behind with ages
And keep reading history pages

Smiling people, happy hosts
Always ready for a toast
With a coffee or a tea
For you to enjoy the sea

Food is just a piece of art
Made with love just from the heart
For all of you with all the tastes
Just don’t worry about the waist
Kilograms will go away
Memories are here to stay

We’ll have fun in all the days
And we’ll walk in all the ways
Just tell us yes and we will book
Flights and rooms for the all group
Trust us and you will see
How a trip should always be

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