Discover fantastic Antakya

Antakya, or Antioch was one important citie during the Roman Empire due to spice trade, Silk Road, and to Royal Road.

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Discover Gobekli Tepe

A 12.000 years old temple

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Get your hot air balloon ride

Enjoy an unforgetable sunrise and discover the underground cities of Cappadocia.

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Visit beautiful Gaziantep

Did you knew that the second world largest mosaic museum is located in Gaziantep?

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Antakya or Antalya? Definitively Antakya, the main city of the beautiful region of Hatay located in the South East of Turkey. A city of tolerance, peace, nature, tasty foodie dishes and a looong history. To begin with all Hatay region has a rich history dating from the Paleolithic ages going through Hittites period, Persians conquers, Greek occupation, Roman rise….and many more that we…

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Visit Gaziantep

The history of Gaziantep dates back to the B.C. 5600 and it has been declared as one of the oldest cities in the world. In terms of historic ages, after Calcoholitic, Paleolitic, Neolitic ages, the city has a rich history dating since Mesopotamia, Hittite, Assyrian, Persian, Alexanderian, Roman, Byzantine, Islamic Arab and Turkish-Islamic ages. All this civilizations created an unique, multicultural and creative city, worth visiting and exploring.

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Cappadocia, an unique destination, with stunning views, hidden cities, romantic sunrises and of course hot air balloon rides. The earliest record of the name of Cappadocia dates from the late 6th century BC, when it appears in the trilingual inscriptions of two early kings, Darius I and Xerxes, as one of the of the Persian Empire. In these lists of countries, the Old Persian name is Haspaduya,…

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Antakya & Gaziantep – Unique dishes and rich history

12-17 Mar (980 euro) 20-25 Mar (980 euro) 3-8 Apr (1150 euro) 12-17 Apr (1150 euro) 20-25 Apr (1150 euro) 3-8 May (1250 euro) 12-17 May (1250 euro) 20-25 May (1250 euro) 3-8 Jun (1250 euro) 12-17 Jun (1250 euro) 20-25 Jun (1150 euro) 3-8 Jul (1150 euro) 12-17 Jul (1150 euro) 20-25 Jul (1150 […]

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Blog posts

First thoughts from Gaziantep

As we started Turkish Cultural Trips as a project that promotes less popular but wonderful destinations in Turkey we thought also Gaziantep should be on the map. Located at around 3 hours driving from Antakya, Gaziantep is well known for gastronomy, for all pistachio based sweets, handmade copper manufacturing but also because of its reach […]

A poem for Antakya

There is food and there is sea There are places you should see History is in our genes Even though we now have jeans Mosaics across the way With stories to take away Religions are here for long And they still can get along With lots of peace and joy So everybody can enjoy What […]

Another day of expedition in Antakya

Another expedition day in Antakya During the summer for some of us Antakya and the region of Hatay can be a little too hot but the good part is there are places where you can hide. One of these places is the “Harbiye Selale” or Harbyie waterfalls, a place where you can enjoy a perfect […]

One day in Antakya and surroundings

1 day in Antakya An usual day as a tourist in Turkey and especially in Antakyashould definitely start with a healthy and diverse breakfast. This is how our first day started in one of our trips there. We woke up relaxed and went to have breakfast in an outdoor restaurant, 15 min away from Antakya, […]